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Thursday, March 31, 2005


as stated in the previous post, our second meeting was held at the Aristocrat restaurant along Roxas Blvd. in Malate. Some members present from the first meeting did not make it on the second meeting while there are new faces on the second meeting, again, mostly buddies of Leon who are all behind him in his cause for the flag.

When the name for the group was raised, a newcomer (ill call him member B) was quite adamant that we should keep the name FLAG SOCIETY PHILIPPINES as this was the name suggested by Leon and that the name has already been reserved at SEC. Member B stated that if we change the name, then we change everything. It will no longer be the one he will be supporting since it is Leon whom he is supporting. Leon would also want to keep the name FLAG SOCIETY PHILIPPINES as he has already contacted people using this name of the group.

Well, what's in a name. I would have disagreed violently with the group's name. First, walang dating. Napaka bland. It is a name that we will be using throughout our existence. So un Filipino as we Filipinos love to play with words and acronyms. Leon, however, finds the name BANDILA too leftist ang dating. And it was also raised that Guingona already has a group named BANDILA. So when voting came, I was the only one who did not vote for the name FLAG SOCIETY PHILIPPINES. But I have to accept the decision of the group. So our group will be named FLAG SOCIETY PHILIPPINES.


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