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Thursday, March 31, 2005

it's not a walk in the park

Our second meeting 18March 2005 was at the Aristocrat restaurant in Malate along Roxas Blvd. There nine of us this time. Four new faces. Four absent from first meeting. It was agreed that the name of the group will be called Flag Society Philippines. I objected to the name. Walang dating. I would have preferred Bayang Nagkaisa sa Diwa at Layunin (BANDILA).

A backgrounder

In 2002, I set up the yahoo group It was an attempt to identify people who might be willing to support my idea that the solution to our problem as a nation is our flag. It may look too simplistic but I sincerely believe it is our only way out.

After some invites, some people joined the group but it never flourished. I would have wanted to put up the group/organization myself but I simply don't have the resources. I know how to execute this "revolution" but financing is a major issue.

I wrote through email to prominent personalities from polticians, columnists and government officials with regards to my vision. Not a single response came in. The only response I got was from the Office of the President which referred my case to PCSO for the funding issue. I did not pursue it.

So I just lived my life. I certainly believe that there is something that can be done to our situation but I just can't execute it. Then can LEON.

Leon suddenly appeared on Pinoyexchange detailing how he was arrested when he was selling Philippine flag stickers at the Baywalk along Roxas Blvd. I immediately contacted him through email and private message. With our communicatiopn, I decided to re activate the yahoo group I set up in 2002.

Then se had our first meeting. The very first entry on this blog.

Leon had four buddies with him. Neighbors and friends who supported the cause. A lady, and her friend, met Leon through another forum. While I met Leon on Pinoyexchange. So we were eight. It was then decided that Leon would be the Founder/President and I was (s)elected to be the vice. The name of the group was left hanging. Three names were suggested:

It was suggested that we will decide on the name of the group on our next meeting.


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