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Thursday, March 31, 2005

the third meeting

held on the 21st of March at Figaro Baywalk. seven attended. discussed the mission/vision of the group which will be incorporated on the group's by laws.

Everybody was given the opportunity to express themselves on what they believe should be the mission/vision of the group. essentially, most member want to see unity, promite heritage, be proud of ourselves. I was different. I said I want the flag to be a way towards economic progress. Well some viewed my statement more in the line of buy philippine products. That's just part of it but not wholly. I'll discuss more on that later.

In the middle of the discussion, I brought to the attention of the group about how we started our meeting late. We set our meeting at 7 pm. I was at the meeting place before 7 but we started the meeting at around half past 8. Most came in late. I brought to their attention that we ourselves have to change. Let's do away with the FILIPINO TIME concept. I challenged the members of the group to be on time on our next meetings. If we want to change the attitudes of Filipinos, we have to start with ourselves.

Another agenda was the activities of the group. Member B said that we need to coordinate with other groups. I agreed on that. We really have to network with other NGOs in the promotion of our flag. On my part, I suggested that we should encourage the formation of cells that will support the mission/vision of the group. These cells will not be members of the organization and will operate independently. So the group does not need increase its membership. It only has to promote to foramtion of cells. My proposal was not seriously taken. I believe what everybody has in mind in an organization that increases its membership through time. The more members you get, the stronger the group becomes. I don't buy that. It just won't work that way. I will try my very best to convince the group that the cell formation is the key to realization of the group's mission/vision.

Meeting was adjourned and agreed to meet March 30. It was postponed. I am still awaiting for our next meeting which is usually coordinated by Leon since he knows most of the members.


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