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Sunday, April 03, 2005


For how many decades now, I watched on the sideline how Filipinos became so politicized that they always have something to say in matters of politics. Be it of national or local issues, there is always something to argue about.

As we argue on who won and who cheated in the last election, our neighbors simply moved on with their productive lives. As we debate on to-vat or not-to-vat, our neighbors have recovered from the devastating tsunami that hit their countries. When will we ever be able to act as one?

Do we act together only when we have a Flor Contemplacion or Angelo dela Cruz waiting to happen? De we come together only when Manny Pacquiao goes to the ring? Do we set aside our political affiliations only when tragedy befell our country? When can we truly get our act together?

We are a helping people. We don’t abandon our relatives and friends who are in need. We easily contribute when calamities strike. Churches and religions flourish because we easily donate. Various groups, foundations, civic organizations, ngo’s, people’s organization, association, clubs, fraternities, sororities, etc. regularly conduct charity work. But still, their contributions are hardly felt by most Filipinos.

Let us have synergy. Synergism states that combined effect is greater than the sum of individual effect. How will it be done? Through our flag. In every activity, be it a medical/dental mission, building homes, distribution of relief goods, donating a deep well/classroom for a barangay, or whatever activity, let the presence of our flag be felt. The recipients of donations then wouldn’t feel below the donors as the will see the donors as co equals, as fellow Filipinos. Not someone who is more educated or economically well off than they are but a fellow countryman helping one another. With the presence of our flag in their activities, the Filipino bayanihan spirit will be magnified. That the help is being done by Filipinos to fellow Filipinos not by a more fortunate members of our society helping the less fortunate. And as these organizations keep doing what they are doing, they should try to educate the recipients their role as Filipinos. The giving organizations should not just give material help but also moral support by educating them of their duties as responsible Filipinos.

Responsible Filipinos should keep the spirit of bayanihan burning. Responsible Filipinos be proud of their heritage by displaying the flag or the very least, give our flag the respect it deserves. Responsible Filipinos should continue helping one another. These may sound trivial but this is the opportunity to instill on our people positive attitudes such as discipline, culture of saving, hard work, etc. It will also be an opportunity to inspire our fellow Filipinos to do away with negative attitudes such as bahala na, pwede na, Filipino time, baka makalusot, etc. Helping our fellow countrymen is the best time to inspire them. How can this be done?

Through the distribution of a flag allegiance primer during the mission of various organizations. This primer will be formulated, published, printed and distributed by the Society. As various organization conduct civic activities, they will have a Philippine flag flying during their activity and the FSP phamplet will also be distributed among its beneficiaries. In this way, through the phamplet, the beneficiaries can make themselves be involved in the better Philippines that we all aspire for. That they may be inspired to be more productive, more patriotic and less of the whining and complaining.

If every organization, groups and associations doing civic work will have the flag at the forefront of their activities and the flag allegiance primer distributed to their beneficiaries, then we create synergy. Synergism among Filipinos coming together through behind our flag and better Philippines. We could create a tsunami from the small ripples created by these civic activities.

“Tell me I'll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me and I'll understand.” –
Chinese proverb


Blogger Bettina said...

Great blog. Keep writing.
I wish there were more pragmatic nationalists like you.
God bless and more power.

6:43 PM  

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