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Monday, August 08, 2005

We now have a website

Flag Society Philippines now has a website, After Noel left for his work as a seaman, the group has been inactive. My fault. I lost steam due to the current political situation.

I love my country and I want to share whatever I can to see it progress. But the way our politicians are running our country's affair, it is just too frustrating. Right now, I would rather be a fence sitter than be part of this whole circus. I won't support call for GMA's resignation nor will I support calls for her to stay in office. In short, I don't want to be part of this whole telenovela.

Last night, I was able to catch a part of the show Tara Na, Pinoy on ANC. Patricia was then interviewing Dylan Wilk. I love this guy for loving our country that much. In the episode, Dylan was beaming with hope. Without second thoughts, he said he will raise his children here in the Philipines. Then Bo Sanchez had an inspirational talk. This is a great show! Let's support it. It's on ANC every Sunday 6:30 pm.


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